Our Services
Hirschl & Adler Galleries is known for its unparalleled expertise and professionalism. Our clients can avail themselves of an array of services offered by our experienced staff.

We authenticate and guarantee every work of art we sell. Connoisseurship is the foundation of our business and our highest priority. Our staff is uniquely qualified to authenticate any artwork within our wide range of specialties. Buyers purchase from us with confidence knowing that the gallery stands behind the works of art it sells.

The gallery takes pride in the high level of scholarship devoted to the works it offers. Our full-time research staff meticulously researches provenance, exhibition history, and references in the literature for nearly every object in our inventory of over 5,000 works of art.

Our specialists have years of experience assessing the condition of works of art, and can recommend proper treatment and care to ensure their lasting viability. Hirschl & Adler has long-term professional associations with all of the top art conservators in New York and beyond, and can connect clients with the appropriate conservation studio for their needs.

Framing and Installation
That same expertise extends to framing and installation, crucial components for the proper aesthetic enjoyment of any work of art. Our paintings specialists are pleased to share their extensive knowledge of frames in all styles and periods, and their advice often proves invaluable to the overall presentation of the artwork. They will also facilitate and oversee all necessary work with our preferred framers.

The gallery’s technicians are professional art installers and are available to install works sold by the gallery to the highest museum standards.

We offer ultimate expertise in the appraisal of works of art from the various areas in which we specialize. Our appraisals are for current (or past) market value, and can be used for purposes of insurance, estate valuations, or donation.

Art Consultation
In instances where our clients are considering a purchase outside the gallery, our experts are available for consultation. For a fee we will thoroughly examine the work and advise the client as to its condition, market value, and risk assessment.

Gallery personnel are well versed in shipping and handling fragile works of art. We have the material, equipment, and familiarity with domestic and international shippers to ensure your work arrives safely at any destination.