Frederick Brosen: Recent Watercolors
October 11th - November 10th 2007
Frederick Brosen: Recent Watercolors opens on Thursday, October 11. The artist’s first solo show with Hirschl & Adler Modern will feature more than eighteen new cityscapes which bring to life the magnificent urban architecture and alluring streets of ever-changing New York and Paris. A native New Yorker, Gotham is his muse and his primary subject as he celebrates the poetry of her streets. Brosen is not a genre painter– his interest lies in the built environment, its architecture, monuments, and public spaces. He paints the city we know and love, inviting us in, to walk familiar streets with the artist and to appreciate the richness that we oftentimes miss as we rush from one destination to the next. Brosen’s take on New York is instantly appealing. With his brush he brings to life a myriad of urban detail to frame the stuff of our lives and return it to us as art. Here is old New York and new New York, seen with fresh eyes.
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