We ♥ New York
November 3rd 2010 - February 5th 2011
For centuries New York State has inspired artists to paint her portrait from her most humble farmsteads to her most spectacular waterfalls. We ♥ New York gathers together almost forty works dating from 1835 to 1945, which offer a sweeping panorama of the state. Artists such as Nicolino Calyo, Colin Campbell Cooper, John Marin, Reginald Marsh, and Louis Lozowick depicted the cacophony of Manhattan, while others, including Jasper Francis Cropsey, Sanford Robinson Gifford, and Jervis McEntee recorded the tranquil natural splendor of the Catskills. Many artists also traveled to the frontier of her extreme western border to attempt to capture the majesty of Niagara Falls, and one, Danish-born Ferdinand Richardt, came to America specifically to bask in the sublimity of this natural wonder. We ♥ New York runs through Thursday, December 30.

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