John Sideli: Assemblages
September 19th - October 19th 2013
New York-born sculptor John Sideli’s artistic path began auspiciously in 1968, when he and his wife served as caretakers for the Roxbury, Connecticut, property of the famed American sculptor, Alexander Calder, who at that time spent nearly all of his time at his home in France. The Sidelis spent two years minding Calder’s estate, living rent-free in a cottage, and John availing himself of one of Calder’s studios. During this time on the Calder estate, Sideli took an interest in found objects, which he collected assiduously. (At the same time, Sideli began collecting antiques, reselling some items here and there to eke out a meager living. Sideli went on to become a successful antiques dealer. Today, he has a handsome shop in Wiscasset, Maine.)
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