An Abundant Life: James Aponovich
October 24th - December 13th 2013
There is unmistakable joy in the paintings of James Aponovich. Few still lifes are as unabashedly positive or as visionary. With their exuberant color, billowing clouds and twisting ribbons, these distinctive combinations of landscape and still life are mood-altering. Their vibrant light and almost palpable details seem to spill off the canvas, filling our senses like an exotic Tuscan meal. James is not just the painter; he is the chef, the gardener, the scholar. He has an art historian’s familiarity with his subject―firmly grounded in the tradition of nature morte―and a mastery of Renaissance perspective. Order and balance coexist effortlessly with randomness and natural forms. A looping, sinewy handle of a water pitcher is the perfect foil for the rigid, window-pane grid beyond. Berries of every kind tumble across table tops and won’t stay put.
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