Lily Cox-Richard

The Stand Possessing Powers

February 13th - March 15th 2014
Lily Cox-Richard (b. 1979) belongs to a growing movement in contemporary American art that seeks a dialogue with our cultural and artistic past by reaching well beyond the by-now familiar confines of the modern era. Instead she and others explore the aesthetic sophistication and mixed social and moral messaging of the 19th century with admiration and pointed critique. Cox-Richard's latest series of compellingly beautiful and ghostly plasters, titled The Stand (Possessing Powers), doesn't merely reference the work of American neoclassical sculptor Hiram Powers (1805-1873). Rather she revisits and remakes his most celebrated figural pieces, including Eve Tempted, Greek Slave, The Last of the Tribes, with painstaking fidelity to the original but for one glaring omission – the figure itself.
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