Douglas Cooper: Viaducts & Neighborhoods
May 28th - June 26th 2015
In Viaducts & Neighborhoods, his debut solo exhibition with Hirschl & Adler Modern, Cooper surveys the New York City area and its bridges in 18 large-scale drawings. While a bridge offers Cooper the opportunity to explore an area’s topography and waterways, this new body of work focuses on the specific neighborhoods where bridges land and depart: “their approaches more than their spans,” describes Cooper. By compressing the picture plane so that foreground, middle-ground and background all share the same space, the artist generates multiple angles from which the viewer can experience these approaches. There is the view from the neighborhood itself, from within in the streetscape; under viaducts and elevated railways, or on overlooking terraces and rooftops. All of New York City washing over the viewer. And there is the view from the roadway, from behind the dashboard; accelerating skyward or plunging below the neighborhood’s horizon. Within all of these drawings, the city and the viewer seem to rise-up to meet one another - the pulse of New York City quickening the viewer’s own.
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