The Eloquent Line
Master Drawings By Christopher Gallego, Nancy Lawton and Graydon Parrish

March 21st - April 27th 2002

Hirschl & Adler Modern presents master drawings by Christopher Gallego, Nancy Lawton, and Graydon Parrish in The Eloquent Line, the latest in its series of exhibitions devoted to contemporary realism. The exhibition, running Thursday, March 21 through Saturday, April 27, 2002, features approximately fifty recent still-life and figural drawings executed in graphite, charcoal, chalk, and silverpoint by three contemporary artists of established reputation, including one whose drawings were the subject of a monographic exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, another whose work will be featured in a solo exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art this summer, and a third who combines an artistic passion for the academic figure with an art-historical passion for the great figure painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

While all three contemporary artists explore very different subjects through different formal approaches, what unites Christopher Gallego, Nancy Lawton, and Graydon Parrish is their mastery of the eloquent line - their means of exploring the hidden life of inanimate objects and plants, and the inner life of humanity.