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Art Basel Miami Beach 2021

November 30 – December 4, 2021

O. LOUIS GUGLIELMI (1906–1956), The American Dream, 1935. Oil on Masonite, 21 1/2 x 32 in.

O. LOUIS GUGLIELMI (1906–1956)
The American Dream, 1935
Oil on Masonite, 21 1/2 x 32 in.
Signed and dated (on the back): O. Louis Guglielmi / ’35

EVERETT GEE JACKSON (1900–1995), "The Jarabe Dance (The Mexican Hat Dance)," 1945. Oil on canvas, 66 x 44 1/2 in.

The Jarabe Dance (The Mexican Hat Dance), 1945
Oil on canvas, 66 x 44 1/2 in.
Signed (at lower left): EVERETT GEE JACKSON

LOUIS LOZOWICK (1892–1973), "Steel Valley," 1942. Oil on canvas, 18x 24 in. Showing gilded Modernist frame.

LOUIS LOZOWICK (1892–1973)
Steel Valley, 1942
Oil on canvas, 18x 24 in. 
Signed (at lower right): LOUIS / LOZOWICK

WINOLD REISS (1886–1953), "Portrait of Robert Nathaniel Dett," about 1925. Pastel on Whatman board, 20 x 15 1/8 in.

WINOLD REISS (1886–1953)
Portrait of Robert Nathaniel Dett, about 1925
Pastel on Whatman board, 20 x 15 1/8 in.
Signed (at lower left): WINOLD / REISS

a surrealist painting by Honoré Sharrer of a man and woman at the beach with a tabletop arrangement of a pitcher, a shoe, an umbrella and a book in the corner

Honoré Sharrer (1920-2009)

Afternoon at the Beach, 1990

Oil on canvas, 30 x 32 in.

a painting by self-taught artist Bill Traylor of a blue dog

Bill Traylor (1854-1949)

Blue Dog, about 1939-42

Poster paint on cardboard, 12 1/4 x 13 3/4 in.

a paper construction/sculpture of a man wearing a blue coat by self-taught artist James Castle

James Castle (1899-1977)

Construction (Figure in Blue-Green Jacket, Red Lips), mid-20th century

Assorted found papers, string, yarn, red and black ink or felt pen, pencil, 12 1/2 x 6 1/4 in.

Press Release

Hirschl & Adler is thrilled to be returning to Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach in 2021, our tenth year in this important art fair. Every year the gallery’s mandate is to bring top examples of both the Pre-War and Post-War periods. This year we will feature works by Romare Bearden, George Bellows, Charles Burchfield, Louisa Chase, Stephen Edlich, James Guy, Edward Hopper, Everett Gee Jackson, Louis Lozowick, Fairfield Porter, Winold Reiss, Honoré Sharrer, Bob Thompson, Bill Traylor, Frank Walter and others. These selections will be complemented by choice examples from some of the gallery’s contemporary artists, including Lily Cox-Richard, Colin Hunt, James Everett Stanley and Elizabeth Turk. Additionally, we will once again participate in the fair’s celebrated Kabinett sector with a presentation devoted to seminal self-taught artist, James Castle (1899-1977). We look forward to seeing you there!

PRIVATE DAYS (by invitation only)
Tuesday, November 30, 9:30am to 8pm
Wednesday, December 1, 11am to 8pm

Thursday, December 2, 11am to 7pm
Friday, December 3, 11am to 7pm
Saturday, December 4, 11am to 6pm

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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