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Jean Carolus (1814–1897)

Arranging the Flowers

HA 6977

Jean Carolus (1814–1897) Arranging the Flowers
Jean Carolus (1814–1897) Arranging the Flowers


JEAN CAROLUS (1814–1897)
Arranging the Flowers
Oil on wood panel, 24 3/4 x 19 1/8 in.
Signed (at lower right): J. Carolus

EX COLL.: [London Shop Antiques, Baltimore, Maryland]; an unidentified South Carolina museum, until 2008

Carlous’s highly polished works evince an academic finish and are usually romantic subjects of women, either in groups enjoying tea or a music recital, or alone in romantic reverie, as in Arranging the Flowers. Here, an elegantly dressed woman, apparently awaiting the return of her lover, is lost in introspection as she arranges a vase of roses and daisies. She stops momentarily to pluck a petal from a daisy she holds in her hand. An open envelope, possibly containing news from her lover, lies discarded on the floor. Out the portal at the right is a veranda that looks onto a veritable fantasy land of creeping vines and verdant forest. 
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