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An Architect's Dream - The Magic Realist World of Thomas Fransioli - Publications - Hirschl & Adler

Catalogue to the gallery exhibition of the same name, November 5–December 31, 2015

Thomas Fransioli’s crisp and tidy cityscapes often lack one critical feature: people. His streets are largely deserted, save for parked cars and an occasional black cat scurrying across the pavement. People make rare appearances in Fransioli’s compositions, and never does the entropy of a crowd overwhelm their prevailing sense of order and precision. People are implied in his paintings, but their physical presence would detract from the scene’s bleak and surreal beauty. "Magic Realism" neatly characterizes Fransioli’s artistic viewpoint. His cityscapes exist in time and space, but certainly not in the manner in which he portrays them.

The catalogue is soft-cover, 48 pages, fully illustrated in color.

ISBN 978-1-937941-08-6

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