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Elizabeth Turk - Recent Sculpture - Publications - Hirschl & Adler

Accompanies the gallery exhibition of the same name curated by Shelley Farmer and Elizabeth Feld, October 2–November 8, 2008

Recent Sculpture presents nearly twenty hand-carved sculptures in marble. The works range from delicately folded “ribbons” standing 6 to 45 inches to a grand-scale “pinwheel” measuring 60 inches in diameter. Embracing the classical medium of marble, Turk creates a provocative tension between the intrinsic strength of the stone and its inherent fragility. The works are remarkable for the lightness and transparency achieved in the thin folds of intimate, undulating “ribbons,” and captivating in the complexity of the monumental “pinwheel.” Turk’s exquisite, ethereal forms defy convention and challenge our preconceptions of what marble can do.

Painstakingly carved by hand, this body of work demonstrates not only Turk’s remarkable technical ability, but also her indefatigable spirit. She strives to create sculpture that is beautiful and honest, while engaging us aesthetically and intellectually. Hers is an ongoing “conversation” with the stone, a deep and serious exploration of form and material, a questioning of boundaries.

The catalogue is soft cover, 16 pages, with 22 illustrations, and a full exhibition checklist. Elizabeth Turk's own "Artist's Notes" provide an insightful personal introduction to the body of work.

ISBN 978-0-915057-95-5


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