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Elizabeth Turk - Cages - Publications - Hirschl & Adler

Accompanies the gallery exhibition of the same name, March 1–31, 2012

Cages features more than twenty painstakingly carved sculptures in marble. In them, Turk continues her dialogue with stone, stretching its limitations through her daring manipulation of form and material. Also at the heart of the exhibition is her core concept: the complex relationship between idea, time, and physical matter.

Turk’s sculpture always elicits a visceral response. One cannot help but focus on the breathtaking line, form, and tactile surfaces of the objects themselves, miraculous fusions of fragility and strength. Yet these ambitious works are equally about what is not seen, prompting us to consider the sculpture conceptually, intellectually, and emotionally. Like symbolic vessels, Turk’s Cages hold ideas, meanings, energies, and possibilities that extend far beyond the tangible form of the structure itself.

The catalogue is soft cover, 24 pages, with 22 color illustrations, a full exhibition checklist, and the artist's CV. Also included is a "Conversation with the Artist," conducted by gallery director Shelley Farmer, which seeks to define both the formal and conceptual appeal of these remarkable sculptures. 

ISBN 978-1-937941-00-0


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