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Elizabeth Turk - Tensions - Publications - Hirschl & Adler

Accompanies the gallery exhibition of the same name, September 17 –October 24, 2015

 In Tensions, Elizabeth Turk explores the overlap of “being” and “intention.” Turk’s hand-carved marble sculptures, the artist’s signature material, act as signifiers of intention—willfully composed and created. Juxtaposed in quiet environments are the signifiers of being—unworked stone and wood, presented simply and without pretense. The balance of man-made and natural, being and intention, material and concept is the tension referenced by the exhibition’s title. The artist writes: “Why is it difficult to find comfort in change, when life is continual motion?” In Tensions, Turk invited the viewer to find that balance and engage it.

The catalogue is soft cover, 24 pages, with 21 full-color illustrations, an essay by Dan Cameron, the artist's updated CV, and a full checklist of the exhibition.

ISBN 978-1-937941-07-9


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